Celebrity Blood Gang Members

One of the biggest forms of currencies of the gang life is gaining respect exness. Respect in a gang can mean everything. Gangs that have celebrities manage to boost their notoriety.

Gang members who were became celebrities usually stop doing all the type of stuff that normal gang members do.

Celebrity gang members still represent and claim their gangs proudly and publicly.

Here are some of the more famous Celebrity Gang Members.

List of Celebrity Gang Members

Chris Brown

Chris brown has always been in the news for one thing or another. He is always getting involved in something and getting in trouble.

One of the his biggest claim to fame as of late is his connection to the Bloods. The bloods are one of americas biggest street gangs. He claims to be affiliated, and knows a lot about Blood gang knowledge.

The Game

Ever since The Game jumped on the scene he has been claiming the Bloods gang exness thailand.

More precisely The Game claims the Cedar Block Blood gang, and has beefed with the Tree Top Piru Bloods.

Snoop Dogg

Another big timer in the rap world, Snoop Dogg has long affiliations with the other largest street gang in America, the Crips.

Since his introduction in the 1990s, Snoop has always been representing his blue flag. He isn’t active anymore but has a lot of respect and Crip gang knowledge to show for it.

Lil Wayne

Another big name celebrity, Lil Wayne has made it very common knowledge that he is affiliated with the Bloods. He goes on a bunch of songs and references the all red gang.

Those were some of the more famous gang members, but here is a list of some more.

Known Blood Gang Members: The Game, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Birdman, Suge Knight, WakaFlocka Flame, Top Dogg, Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar

Known Crip Gang Members: Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Eazy E, Warren G, Scarface, Young Jeezy, Nipsey Hustle, Schoolboy Q.

As you can see there are a lot of members that are famous and are celebrities exness th.


Finally Learning to Box

Gaining weight after high school is something no one ever really expects. Your metabolism drops so much and you get fat

At least that’s what happened to me. Its been 2 years since I graduated high school and I have gained an unhealthy 30 pounds since. It sucks.

One of the worst things is seeing people from high school and they look surprised to see you like that. I was never really a skinny kid, but this extra weight does really show.

How this journey started

I have always been into MMA and I love UFC, I try to watch every card. I also have always wanted to try my hands at fighting. I am 20 years old and have never gotten into a fight. It kind of scares me knowing that I wouldn’t be able to defend myself if I ever got into a street fight.

So I decided to join a kickboxing gym, I decided on kickboxing for a top game, because I think it’s a more rounded approach. I do think boxing is great as well, but I like the idea of throwing kicks and punches rather than just punches.

I work at a cell phone provider, so my hours are usually all over the place. I picked a gym where they have morning classes as well as evening classes, so that I would have some options in my schedule.

So far the classes are going great. I am 2 weeks in and feeling a lot less sore than when I first started going. Its been a real struggle, especially waking up for the morning classes.

I haven’t really been doing a lot of sparring and kickboxing, its been a lot of conditioning training so far. The coaches told me the first 4-5 weeks are going to be mostly conditioning training to get me into shape. Hitting the punching bags is one of the best things to do while you train.

Its been an up hill battle that’s for sure. A lot of skipping and a lot of running, the skipping has been making my toes hurt a lot because I am such a terrible skipper. My calves have also been cramping up a lot, I am not used to being on my toes for such a long time.

Its been a great experience so far and Im excited to see what the following weeks are going to bring. I cant wait to see the changes in my body. I cant wait to lose some of this excess wait.

This weight has been bothering me for a while and I am finally excited to be doing something about it.

How an Ergonomic chair saved my life

After months of producing and DJing, it started really taking a tole on my body. It was really hard to get up and get going in the morning. I was having trouble doing all the normal things, like producing and DJing.

I decided to go to my doctors office to see what the heck was going on with me.

Luckily it wasn’t anything crazy or anything. My doctor told me because of late nights DJing, and long days sitting and producing. My back was out of whack, and I needed a better chair to fix it. Apparently after all these months, DJing has actually done a number on my back. My doctor told me there are some things I can do to get it fixed.

He recommended that I check out a local chiropractor so I can get adjusted. It just so happens that I have a good friend that is a chiropractor, so I called him up to schedule an appointment. Now I go regularly.

He said I should start doing some yoga exercises as well, to loosen up the muscles in my back. I have tried yoga in the past and it was super hard for me to get into each position. Now I can get into every position a lot better.

The last thing my doctor mentioned in doing, was changing the chair in my studio. He said that most chairs have horrible ergonomics and are not meant for comfort. He recommended that I go and purchase an ergonomic office chair.

So I did some research online and found an awesome website that sells ergonomic office chairs. There are so many good brands like Herman Miller, and Humanscale that it was hard to pick. After reading the reviews I eventually ended up going with the Aeron. It had great reviews and looked really cool.

After doing all these things, I went back to my doctor and he told me my back looked a lot better. I was a lot more mobile, and was able to get back into my regular routine.

In the studio I dont feel as tense anymore and I can sit for longer periods of time. Its awesome!

Making an in home Studio

With todays technology be so advanced, you are able to create a high end home studio in your home with the best types of DJ equipment. If you are new to producing, than you probably dont know what to get yet. I have supplied and installed many home studio equipment for tons of clients and customers. I have worked with some of the best in the business, so I know what is good and what isnt.

home studio equipment

Here my list of DJ equipment I like to include in all my DJ setups.

  1. Studio Monitors – first place to start when buying equipment. Studio monitors will either make or break your home studio. The reason why is because you always want to make sure you focus on sound quality over anything. Sound quality is what makes good tracks and records. So dont cheap out on some good high end monitors.
  2. Beat Machine – beat machines are one of the most important instruments in a producers arsenal. Buying the best drum machine, will allow you to make all sorts of crazy beats, like the master kanye west himself.
  3. Controller – If you want something that will do everything I would recommend an all in on controller, this will allow you to mix sets and mixes for live shows, or just throw mixes up on youtube. This is one of the best pieces of dj equipment to buy.
  4. MIDI Keyboard – MIDI keyboard controllers, are pretty much hundreds of instruments built into one.  Pick up the best 61 key midi controller if you want hundreds of instruments made into one machine.
  5. Mixer – A mixer is not needed if you purchase an all in one dj controller that has a built in audio interface. If you dont, than you will need to pick one up as well.

These are the must haves for an in home studio. If you dont purchase these things, you wont have a good system.